Saturday, 17 September 2011

Getting the word out

The first appearance in print of my older lesbian research will be a chapter I’ve just written for a forthcoming book. It is called LGBT Lives: Ageing and the Life Course, edited by Richard Ward, Ian Rivers and Mike Sutherland, and it’s due to be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2012.
I’m really pleased that there has suddenly been such an upsurge of interest in the existence and needs of older LGBT people. (The Stonewall report, out this week, is a good example.) We do need to think about the needs of EVERY member of our ageing population, and to help practitioners in health and social care, and particularly in service for the elderly, to understand the particular needs of LGBT elders.
We also need to make sure that older people, LGBT or not, are represented in other ways too – or we are in danger of seeing them only as a helpless burden  on society, and not as the varied, interesting and valuable people they also are….


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